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Representational Color Work - Automatic Drawing by Astral-Art-Addiction Representational Color Work - Automatic Drawing by Astral-Art-Addiction
And so the motor control and the clairaudience got stronger, and I was able to get this piece done. I would ask about what kinds of colors he wanted and he would either pick them out by tapping them, or pointing to them with my left hand, or he would write them down. Then I would prepare them by sharpening them all and keeping the pencil sharpener nearby.
The tingling was intense and the movement was hard on my hand. To be honest, I never did a lot of colored pencil work before, not that often. And I surely wasn't that great at coloring. Working with Joeseph-Paul has taught me a thing or two about coloring and being more 'loosey goosey' with my wrist, being more fluid and free form as an artist.
Watching my hand move across the page I learned through experiencing in an altered conscious state, what it FEELS like to do different art techniques, the little things artists do that are unique to everyone, and I learned them By doing them Not by being told, not by practicing on my own, but by experiencing through another consciousness/spirit.
The concept is a fascinating one to me.
Those sensitive to energy can feel energy on the pages of which I do automatic drawing, and can really feel it depending if his energy is really strong, or really directed.
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November 17, 2012
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